There is a whole other lineage that goes back to (activist)

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Bathing Suits I have to carry around tweezers with me to peel skin off my nose constantly. One day I got a facial from a cosmetology student. She recommended I just use the Ambi Fade Creme as my moisturizer. And the religious images of the Virgin Mary and Father Hidalgo, a priest and one of the founding fathers of modern Mexico, were carried by many at the march as well as those who protested with Chavez.As it was during the UFW movement, the Catholic Church has become integral to the immigrants rights campaign.Earlier this year, Cardinal Roger Mahony told his priests to defy any rules prohibiting aid to undocumented immigrants. Early in his career, Mahony worked with Chavez and chaired the hard fought Agricultural Labor Relations Board founded after Chavez’s push to get laws allowing workers to organize.Mahony stressed that organizers of the new mobilization must focus their efforts on Washington.They are really distinct efforts Cesar Chavez was trying to gain rights for farm workers to get immigrant reform legislation, but what is the same is the spirit.I don’t think those tactics will get a single vote in the House or Senate. If it doesn’t lead to a vote, then why are we doing it?”But some organizers, who are pushing hard for more radical tactics, bristle at the comparison with Chavez.Organizer Jesse Diaz, a doctoral candidate at University of California, Riverside, said Chavez rejected an early immigrants rights movement, denouncing the bracero program that would have brought immigrant workers from Mexico to work the field for lower wages and without unionization.I don’t see a connection here,” he said. There is a whole other lineage that goes back to (activist) Bert Corona.”The biggest difference between now and 40 years ago is the sheer number and clout of Latinos. In Los Angeles, the number of local Spanish language news broadcasts outstrip English language broadcasts and Latino politicians are now a powerhouse.One undeniable legacy is Christine Chavez, the granddaughter of Cesar Chavez, now vying for a seat in the 45th Assembly District.On Thursday, a day before what would have been her grandfather’s 79th birthday, she held a workshop at an Eagle Rock charter high school on the legacy of the farm worker movement.What are some of our social justice movements?” she asked a class of high schoolers.Hands shot up.HR 4437,” one girl answered, referring to the House bill that would make immigrants felons. Bathing Suits

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