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Sign in / Join NowSummaryCELG made a large equity investment last year in CAR T company Juno, which reported adverse news on its lead product last week.The relevance of this to CELG overall strategy is discussed.Also reviewed is CELG corporate history of unconventional risk taking. Part of the difficulty in analyzing CELG is the high R spending it engages in. It’s been so formidable a task that I have never addressed it comprehensively until now, even though I have done so for CELG’s peer Gilead (NASDAQ:GILD) and for several other leading biotech/biopharma companies.I’ve had a draft of an article on the pipeline Celgene evolving for a few weeks, but it took problems with the lead product of its development partner Juno (NASDAQ:JUNO) to lead to this particular first article in a series.

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