He also used MySpace for blogging about his life

Jeffree Star was born in Orange County, California.[citation needed] His father died when Star was 6 years old and he subsequently was raised solely by his mother, a model who frequently went on assignments. As a child, Star began regularly experimenting with his mother’s makeup and convinced her to let him wear it to school when he was in junior high.[2] He moved to Los Angeles following his graduation from high school, supporting himself with various makeup, modeling, and music jobs.[6][7] He later recalled spending his time on weekends “using a fake ID to attend Hollywood clubs dressed in mini dresses and nine inch high heels, where celebrities would contract [Star] for makeup work at their homes”.[8] Star reports that his weekend socializing at clubs and the makeup advice he offered eventually led to his modeling career.[8]Star used popular social networking website MySpace to further both his music as well as fashion design career. He also used MySpace for blogging about his life, while making social commentary on “self image and confidence”,[9] fame, beauty, and life.

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But something like 5 seems reasonable to speed lopsided games along. You still clear the bases after three outs in the 8th, obviously, but then the visiting team just stays on the field for the 9th while the home club gets three more outs to try to stage an unlikely comeback. Teams would do it, I think, because they could leave in their reliever and save him the between innings rest period thought to contribute to fatigue (the in baseball terminology), and because it would cut to the proverbial chase.

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image source tear gas in streets of beirut

PSA as we enter the silly season, it might be worth a refresher of the Road Code for roundabout rules. Would love if tourists had this info given to them as well, pretty daunting to hit a country with no advice given at car pickup! Seen plenty of near misses and prangs that this would have avoided. Lets say I come to a roundabout and you are coming from the opposite side.

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You welcome. If I can find it, I have an article from Baker Botts where they fairly extensively discuss why they think BDITs are a bad idea. (But, at the end IIRC they actually push some other type of trust as a better option.) Happy to send to you if you want it, just PM me your email..

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