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I played comp as soon as I got to level 25 and I placed 1970. I proceeded to drop to below 1000 before I slowly started to go up after a lot of work. I have friends who placed even higher and then dropped even lower. Abell 9 years agoAfter losing this past Sunday, are the San Diego Chargers done like a dinner for 2010?7Sports and RecreationWhat are views of the San Diego wholesale jerseys atlanta Chargers moving to LA announced Thur 1 12 17?by Tim Mitchell cheap nfl pro bowl jerseys 2 years agoWhat are views of the San Diego Chargers moving to LA announced Thur 1 12 cheap nfl jerseys visa 17?The Chargers moved from LA to San Diego in 1967. The played in LA since originated in 1959. They played in SD for 49 years.

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