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The good news is that even so late into the competition, there are still flights going to Moscow, if you’re ready to hop on a flight asap to make it down in time.Oh, and make sure you’ve got a a valid ticket to one of the matches and have registered for a Fan ID, so you don’t need to apply for a visa.If you don’t have one you need to apply for a visa and this can take up to 20 days so there’s no point in risking missing the action AND being left out of pocket.The bad news? You may need to dig deep and be willing to travel longer than usual.Companies such as CheapFlightsFinder are warning fans to be wary of super cheap seats too check stopover times as some of these can be over 24 hours and that could leave you arriving after all of the action!To give you a helping hand, we take a look at some of the flights still available to Moscow.Best places to watch the World Cup in London from Flat Iron Square to pubs and outdoor big screensFlights available in time for England vs Croatia We’re going to be honest with you leaving it this last minute, you’re going to have to splash the cash if you want to make it to tomorrow’s match.But, it’s doable you just need to be organised!Airlines with flights available in time for Wednesday’s match:British Airways has direct flights but prices start from return. Skyscanner has returns from departing from Newcastle today (10th July) but be prepared for a long journey time of approx 22 hours with multiple stopovers. You can see more UK airport departures here.Read MoreEngland vs Croatia: The big oneFlights available for World Cup final NB: these prices were correct at the time of writing ahead of the England vs Croatia match.British Airways has direct flights but prices start from return based on a Friday 13th departure and Tuesday 17th return.

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