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But something like 5 seems reasonable to speed lopsided games along. You still clear the bases after three outs in the 8th, obviously, but then the visiting team just stays on the field for the 9th while the home club gets three more outs to try to stage an unlikely comeback. Teams would do it, I think, because they could leave in their reliever and save him the between innings rest period thought to contribute to fatigue (the in baseball terminology), and because it would cut to the proverbial chase.

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The departurescontinue an exodusof high profile political appointees from the EPA. Last month Liz Bowman, the EPA’s top spokeswoman,stepped down days after the resignations of Albert “Kell” Kelly, who was in charge of overhauling the agency’s cleanup of America’s mostcontaminated sites, and Pasquale “Nino” Perrotta, the head of Pruitt’s controversial round the clock security detail. celine replica handbags uk Perrotta stepped down beforeplanned testimonybefore the House oversight committee..

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